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1 New Idea V-Belt Rake Advertisement - Paper in tin frame, has some defects, Neat Display!, 38.5w x 25.25h---215b
Winning bid: $175
2 Wright Power Saws Display Sign - "Ask for a demonstration", Single sided, Painted tin, 39w x 10h ---224a
Winning bid: $110
3 P-A-G Plant Quality Seeds Sign - Single sided, painted tin 50w x 36h ---223a
Winning bid: $100
4 Northrup King Seeds Sign - Single sided, painted tin, Embossed, 46.5w x 35h---222a
Winning bid: $100
5 Oliver Shield Sign - Painted tin, Embossed, 50.75w x 46h, Lutcherhand Implement, Loyal Wisconsin---208a
Winning bid: $950
6 Northrup King Seeds Farmers Elevator Sign - Single sided, painted tin, 40w x 30h---221a
Winning bid: $90
7 McCurdy Brand Show Plot Sign - Painted tin, Double sided, 48w x 23.5h---220a
Winning bid: $35
8 DMI Farm Equipment Sign - Single sided, Painted aluminum, 44w x 32h---219a
Winning bid: $100
9 Garst Seed Company Sign - Single Sided, Painted tin, Embossed, On wood frame, 70.5w x 22.5h---218a
Winning bid: $100
10 Allis Chalmers Model G Scale Model Tractor - powered with a Briggs & Stratton engine, maybe half scale? Neat!
Winning bid: $600
11 Large De Laval "Authorized Dealer" Sign - Masonite, Grace Sign and MFG Co, Single sided, On wood frame, 96w x 26h---225a
Winning bid: $850
12 John Deere Shield Shape "Quality Farm Equipment" Sign - This is one half of the first neon sign for John Deere dealers. One of the rarest of the rare for the Deere sign collector. Very few have surfaced, don't miss the opportunity. It has everything going for it, die cut, porcelain, embossed and supposed to have a neon tube around it. Everything you want in a sign! 69.25w x 34h---205a
Winning bid: $24,500
13 John Deere Lawn and Garden Equipment Sign - Painted tin, Embossed, On wood frame, Single Sided, 46.5w x 47h---206a
Winning bid: $1,600
14 John Deere "Quality Farm Equipment" Road Sign - These signs were designed to be Road Signs that were placed along the road approaching the dealership. This is the reason so few survived. This sign was found with it's mate, still new in the dealership. Super scarce to find one, let alone in this condition! Single sided, Painted tin, 95w x 71h, Athens Coop Produce Co., Wood framed ---229a
Winning bid: $6,000
15 John Deere "Quality Farm Equipment" Sign - Painted tin, Single Sided, On wood frame, Has been "Capped" with no dealer name, 66w x 54.25h Some scratching and tears, Mode Anson Implement, Higgonsville, MO---209a
Winning bid: $1,100
16 John Deere Quality Farm Equipment Sign - black porcelain, one of the classics! Several chips in the porcelain, still makes a great display piece.
Winning bid: $800
17 Minneapolis Moline Tractors and Farm Machinery Sign - Nice color, C.J Post Nevada, Iowa, Single Sided, Painted tin, Some scratching, On wood frame ---210a
Winning bid: $1,150
18 Case Farm Machinery Sign - Painted Tin, Single Sided, Embossed, 29.75h x 71.50w, G-52---212a
Winning bid: $1,100
18a Case Farm Machinery Sign -

SS, Tin, Embossed

Winning bid: $1,100
19 International Harvester IH Sign - Single Sided, Porcelain, 48w x 50h---213a
Winning bid: $1,250
20 John Deere Quality Farm Implements Sign - SS, Tin, Embossed, Gray's Seed and Implement Store, Sanford, Maine ---227a
Winning bid: $800
21 McCormick-Deering Farm Machines Sign - SS, Embossed, Tin, Meta, Mo, J.J. Nacke Dealer ---226a
Winning bid: $275
22 Allis Chalmers Hanging Sign - AC Hanging sign ---228a
Winning bid: $700
23 John Deere Service Library Sign - Single Sided, Shelf mount, Painted tin, 42w x 8h ---217
Winning bid: $400
24 Ford Tractor - Ferguson System Sign - Painted tin, Heavy gauge, 47w x 30h, Double sided ---216
Winning bid: $1,600
25 Allis Chalmers Hanging Sign - Painted tin, Embossed, Stout sign co., On wood frame, Single sided, Has scratch at top of logo, Few dents on side ---207a
Winning bid: $175
26 Massey Ferguson Sign - Painted Tin, Embossed, Single sided, 48x36, On wood frame ---211a
Winning bid: $400
27 Oliver Roadsign -

Reproduction of one of the hardest to find Oliver signs. You wouldnÕt have to feel guilty about putting this one out! ---265

Winning bid: $950
27a International 1hp Famous Engine -

Hopper Cooled, igniter, on skid, loose

Winning bid: $1,000
27b John Deere 1.5hp Model E Engine -

Loose, On skid, Has mag 

Winning bid: $550
27c Independent Quality Service Sign -

SS, Porcelain

Winning bid: $125
27d Independent Quality Service Sign -

SS, Porcelain

Winning bid: $50
28a Rumely Model Tractor -

Neat little model tractor made to resemble a Rumely. Powered by a Cub engine. Needs some clutch work.

Winning bid: $2,100
29 2008 Polaris 800 4x4 ATV - Only 106 hours!, Has all the extras, 2nd seat, winch---301
Winning bid: $3,950
30 John Deere 420 U Industrial - Awesome factory original 420 U painted it ORIGINAL factory yellow. This is a survivor tractor, original paint that should be kept just the way it is! WOW!!! This is almost a one of a kind tractor in this kind of condition!
Winning bid: $2,900
31 1945 Oliver Model 60 -

Runs, Restored, Mounted cultivators, Gas, 2 Row cultivators with dry fertilizer attachment---321

Winning bid: $2,250
32 John Blue G1000 Tractor - SN# 104, Runs, Restored, Only 197 produced---220
Winning bid: $2,000
33 1949 Love Tractor - Very Rare Love tractor, similar to a Friday but much rarer. This model C51 was from the Budde Collection of Wisconsin and shown throughout the state. You will find 10-20 Fridays for every one Love tractor. Made to work the orchards and then have a road gear fast enough to take the produce to market - super unique tractor and very rare!
Winning bid: $9,500
34 Factory Love Disk - This is the first Love implement we have ever seen in person. This mounted disc is certain to be one of the only ones you'll ever see
Winning bid: $600
34a John Deere Styled L - Restored, Runs, Mounted cultivators, Hand start
Winning bid: $3,750
35 1941 Centaur Model M Tractor - This is the middle model Centaur tractor, similar to the Silver King, used in many highway applications, fast road gear and unique orphan tractor!
Winning bid: $2,500
36 1941 Coop Model C Tractor - One of the rarer Coop tractors, very nice, complete and well restored. Has the original cast iron Coop nameplates
Winning bid: $4,500
37 Coop Model B Tractor - Shelbyville, IN built Coop tractor, well restored, hard to find.
Winning bid: $3,500
38 Oliver Super Model 55 Tractor - early green wheel gas, 3 point, nice restoration
Winning bid: $3,250
39 1937 Oliver Hart Parr Model 70 - Runs, Restored, Fenders, PTO, Lights, Deluxe seat, New front rubber---320
Winning bid: $4,750
40 Hefty Model F High Crop Tractor - There are so very few Hefty tractors and this one is a High Crop! This is the only Hefty high crop we've ever seen. One of the later built orphan tractors, excellent investment!
Winning bid: $3,000
41 Hefty Model F - Restored, very hard to find orphan tractor
Winning bid: $2,000
42 1959 Holder A15 Tractor - German diesel, articulated 4 wheel drive with 3 point hitch.
Winning bid: $2,300
43 1948 Silver King Tractor - Late model Silver King bullet nose, well restored, good runner
Winning bid: $3,250
44 1957 Allis Chalmers Model WD-45 Tractor - SN# 234240, Restored, Runs, Factory power steering, Narrow front, Power shift, Snap coupler hitch, Fenders---215
Winning bid: $3,000
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