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4 1940 John Deere HWH - Sn. 31106, Restored, 9.5-38 rear dual wheels, like new rear rubber, Schebler DLTX 46 carburetor, hand start, PTO, drawbar, spark plug caps
Winning bid: $19,000
5 1942 John Deere HNH - Sn. 41261, older repaint, single front, like new rear tires, spark plug covers, WICO magneto, Marvel Schebler DLTX carburetor, drawbar, styled, PTO, pressed steel wheels
Winning bid: $18,000
6 1949 McCormick Deering O-4 - Sn. ?955W4, Restored, full orchard tin, cast center front wheels, orchard front lights, PTO, drawbar, new gauges, paint has some damage down to metal
Winning bid: $14,000
7 John Deere AOS - Sn. 404854, Nice restoration, Schebler DLT carburetor, JD magneto stamped JD 81668, round spoke front wheels, cast center rear wheels, BFG 6.00-16 tires
Winning bid: $14,500
8 John Deere A High Crop - Sn. 680487, Older repaint, cast rear centers, electric start, Delco ignition, Schebler DLTX carburetor, lights, styled, implement lift, PTO, single hydraulic remote, has arms for toolbar, like new rear tires
Winning bid: $12,000
10 Avery 40-80 - Sn. 17668, restored, rear wheel extensions, radiator has new tubes, Kingston dual 5 ball carburetor, motor # ZB711, new wood canopy, KW highbar magneto
Winning bid: $160,000
12 Sandusky 10-20, Model J - Sn. J5128, Restored, extensions, cone style lugs, gearing is fairly worn, reproduction sheet metal, Stromberg carburetor, engine# 1768, Splitdorf Aero magneto, belt pulley
Winning bid: $65,000
14 GMC Samson Sieve Grip - Sn. CX 199, older restoration, 4 cylinder gas engine, belt pulley, REMY ignition switch and distributor, cone muffler, worn gearing, later Pontiac, MI built style, reproduction fenders
Winning bid: $28,000
16 Case 20-40 - Sn. 5289, nice greasy original, some parts have been sandblasted, KW highbar magneto, Kingston 5 ball carburetor, Madison Kipp oiler, full set of lugs, drawbar, ok gearing, original wood canopy
Winning bid: $37,000
17 Waterloo Boy N - Older repaint, 2 speed transmission, chain steering, Dixie magneto, Schebler carburetor, ok gearing, flat steel wheels
Winning bid: $47,000
18 1895 M. Rumely 10hp Traction Engine - Older repaint, M. Rumely steam gauge, 1.5in Pickering governor, rear wheels have rubber tread, Manzel lubricator, brass single chime whistle
Winning bid: $15,500
19 John Deere GPWT Top Steer - Sn. 404351, restored, on full steel with lugs and skid rings, John Deere Type R2 magneto, round spoke front wheels, cultivator brackets, PTO
Winning bid: $18,000
23 1923 Best 30 - Sn. 1837, Restored, Engine No. 3955, Engsign carburetor, Vortox air cleaner, American Bosch ZR4, magneto with Bosch impulse starter, good tracks, new recast seat
Winning bid: $27,500
26 John Deere BW - Sn. 11466, Restored, Fairbanks Morse RV 2B magneto, Schebler DLTX carburetor, round spoke front and rear wheels, PTO, drawbar, implement lift, like new rear tires, grill screen,
Winning bid: $7,000
27 John Deere 830 Electric Start - Sn. 8301594, Nice original, straight tinwork, dual hydraulic remote, drawbar, electric start, rear wheel weights, 2685 hours, Firestone 23.1-26 tires
Winning bid: $9,500
32 John Deere AO - Sn. 251754, Older repaint, teardrop drawbar, hand start, round spoke front wheels, cast center rear wheels, WICO magneto, Schebler DLTX 9, like new front tires, PTO cover
Winning bid: $2,600
38 John Deere ANH - Sn. 4916857, Restored, round spoke front and rear wheels, Schebler DLTX carburetor, WICO magneto, flat lens headlights, PTO, drawbar, implement lift, like new front tire
Winning bid: $4,100
43 John Deere GPO - Sn. 15983, Restored, on full steel, cast front wheels, cup style lugs, grill screen, Schebler DLT carburetor, John Deere magneto, drawbar, reproduction fenders
Winning bid: $13,500
50 1936 John Deere A - Sn. 429425, Repainted, unstyled, hand start, Schebler DLTX carburetor, WICO magneto, implement lift, drawbar, Fairbanks X2B magneto, round spoke front and rear wheels, PTO, tires are new but weather checked, 1937 wide front
Winning bid: $7,200
59 John Deere D - Sn. 155111, Styled, repainted, WICO magneto, round spoke front wheels, Schebler DLTX carburetor, like new front tires, hand start, cast rear hubs, drawbar, straight pipe exhaust
Winning bid: $3,250
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1 John Deere 3 HP Gas Engine -

Sn. 262140, Repainted, JD magneto, on skids, loose, igniter

Winning bid: $900
2 John Deere 6 HP Gas Engine -

Sn. 316529, Repainted, JD magneto, on skid, belt pulley, igniter

Winning bid: $6,000
3 1934 John Deere W111 Engine -

Sn. W-1098, Repainted, on original skid, Schebler DLT carburetor, Splitdorf magneto, first serial number with factory skids and new case

Winning bid: $7,500
9 Holt 75 HP, "1918" -

Sn. 3456, 1918, repainted, Schebler carburetor, vacuum tank, track pads are in excellent condition, undercarriage in good condition, canopy with canvas curtains, 2 speed transmission, KW highbar magneto, round tube radiator in excellent condition, has auxiliary water tanks, drawbar

Winning bid: $310,000
11 Aultman Taylor 30-60 -

Sn. #873, older repaint, rear wheel extensions, resurfaced pulley and idler, KW magneto with original leather cover, bull gears in nice shape, Kingston 5 ball carburetor, canopy, full set of lugs, exhaust manifold has repairs and is cracked

Winning bid: $100,000
13 John Deere DI -

Sn. 138697, Restored, dual PTO, round spoke front wheels, cast center rear wheels, Goodyear diamond tread rear tires, hand start, Edison Splitdorf magneto, grill screen, PTO guard.  (Added 10/12/17) This tractor was sent to the Two Cylinder Club for serial number research and DID NOT come back on the build card designated as a DI.  It has all DI options and has been this way for 30+ years as far as the family knows.  We want to give you all of the information we have.

Winning bid: $9,000
15 Avery 25-50 -

Sn. 3010, Older repaint, good gearing but does have wear, KW highbar magneto, bar style lugs, Kingston double 5 ball carburetor, drawbar, original style toolbox, original wood cab

Winning bid: $60,000
20 John Deere D -

Sn. 115637, Original, round spoke front and rear wheels, like new tires on front and rear, American Bosch magneto, drawbar, forward facing air intake, Schebler DLT carburetor, correct orchard exhaust, original sheet metal, stuck

Winning bid: $4,000
21 Rock Island Heider 12-20 -

Older repaint, missing tractor tag, Waukesha model M engine, engine# 32981, has both small and large cone style lugs, gearing shows heavy wear, belt pulley, Dixie/Aero magneto, reproduction fuel tanks, correct round seat

Winning bid: $8,000
22 John Deere GPWT, Side Steer -

Sn. 404403, nice original tractor, loose, short rear axle quills, front and rear steel wheels, Fairbanks magneto, PTO, drawbar

Winning bid: $6,500
24 Caterpillar 60 -

Sn. 4017A, nice original condition with some original Caterpillar stenciling, runs as well as it looks, built in San Leandro, CA in the last quarter of 1927, Ensign carburetor, Bosch magneto, drawbar

Winning bid: $30,000
25 Case 10-20 -

Sn. 18761, older repaint, good pinon and bull gearing, cast champion seat, cast cone and spade style lugs, shop built arrow, belt pulley lip has chipping

Winning bid: $12,500
28 John Deere 820 -

Sn. , Nice original, power steering, pony engine start, cast center hubs, drawbar, single hydraulic remote, diesel, nice straight sheet metal

Winning bid: $5,250
29 John Deere 80 -

Sn. , Restored, power steering, fender extensions, like new front tires, 5949 hours, cast centers, dual remote, drawbar, pony start, PTO

Winning bid: $16,000
30 John Deere 630 LP -

Sn. 6315908, Original, wide front, power steering, 3 point lift, PTO, tag stamped LP, cast center wheels, missing tin under LP tank, tachometer broken, front tires have 95% tread

Winning bid: $1,500
31 John Deere Low Radiator G -

Sn. 2525, older repaint, cast center lugs, power lift, PTO cover, single rib front tires, spark plug covers

Winning bid: $8,000
33 International 8-16 Junior -

Sn. , Original, early model with 12 feed lubricator, Dixie magneto, reproduction sheet metal hood, lugs and skid rings, drawbar

Winning bid: $9,000
34 1934 John Deere Open Fan Shaft A -

Sn. 142625, Older repaint, round spoke front and F&H rear wheels, RV 2A magneto, teardrop drawbar, PTO, hand start, narrow front, Schebler carburetor, rear tires have 90% tread, unstyled, grill screen, implement lift,

Winning bid: $3,800
35 John Deere B -

Sn. 4275, Restored, needs new front tire, round spoke rear wheels, hand start, RV 2B magneto, Schebler DLTX 10 carburetor, PTO, drawbar(teardrop), implement lift, hand start

Winning bid: $3,000
36 John Deere G -

Sn. 63556, Original, electric start, single front, partial front implement lift and rear toolbar, cast center rear wheels with rear wheel weights

Winning bid: $2,000
37 John Deere AWH -

Sn. 565403, Older repaint, round spoke rear wheels, automotive front tires, styled, PTO, drawbar, adjustable rear tires, electric start, WICO, Schebler DLTX 53 carburetor, lights, implement lift

Winning bid: $3,500
39 McCormick Deering ODS-6 -

Sn. 28809, Restored, gas start diesel, turf tires, drawbar, PTO, like new front tires, rear wheel weights

Winning bid: $14,000
40 McCormick Deering OS-6 -

Sn. 16836, Restored, gas, cast center front wheels, IH magneto, drawbar, PTO, belt pulley, 95% tread on front tires

Winning bid: $2,500
41 McCormick Deering O-6 -

Sn. L32904N, 1946, restored, full orchard tin, PTO with guard, like new front tires, cast front wheels, IH magneto

Winning bid: $13,500
42 John Deere 60 Standard -

Sn. 604504, Restored, Like new front tires, Delco ignition, drawbar, PTO, single hydraulic remote, cast rear centers, pressed steel front wheels, Marvel-Schebler carburetor

Winning bid: $8,000
44 1930 John Deere GP -

Sn. , Restored, on full steel with spade lugs, correct round spoke wheels, John Deere magneto, hand start, Ensign carburetor, drawbar

Winning bid: $6,000
45 John Deere A Orchard -

Sn. 27603, Original, full orchard sheet metal, missing side curtains, orchard front lights, styled, Schebler DLTX carburetor, drawbar, electric start, PTO, single hydraulic remote, fenders are rough

Winning bid: $8,750
46 John Deere BO Lindeman -

Sn. , 1947, restored, WICO magneto, Schebler DLTX 70 carburetor, track pads in ok condition, PTO, drawbar,

Winning bid: $6,000
47 John Deere GM -

Sn. 18971, Original, narrow front, electric start, WICO magneto, lights, cast center wheels, PTO, drawbar, implement lift, styled

Winning bid: $2,250
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