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0a Welcome Online Bidders! -

Good morning!  We will be starting today’s auction with a one trailer of parts and then moving to the Live/Online portion of the sale at approx. 11:00 am Pacific or 1:00 PM Central time.   Thank you! 

72a John Deere 112 LGT -


Winning bid: $50
67a John Deere 110 LGT Patio -

Sn. 143082M, nice original, type TO647, yellow hood

Winning bid: $100
71a John Deere 140 LTG -

Sn. 24127M, Older repaint, type TO583

Winning bid: $100
70a John Deere 110 LGT Patio -

Sn. 142072M, original, has deck, type TO641

Winning bid: $150
68a John Deere 110 LGT Patio -

Sn.163621M , nice original, yellow hood, type TO642

Winning bid: $160
69a John Deere 110 LGT Patio -

Sn. 141833M, nice original, yellow hood, type TO641

Winning bid: $175
76 John Deere H -

Sn. 15769, Parts tractor

Winning bid: $450
73 Farmall MCH -

Sn. 128849720, Old repaint, wide front, LP conversion, rear tires have 75% tread remaining, lights, drawbar

Winning bid: $500
74 John Deere 430C -

Older repaint, 3 point, drawbar, PTO, hydraulic valve

Winning bid: $525
67 John Deere 430 U -

Sn. 144121, Older repaint, “JD 30” rear wheel weights, PTO, drawbar, fenders, missing starter

Winning bid: $600
69 John Deere AO -

Sn. 260276, Original, unstyled, Schebler DLTX carburetor, loose, cast center wheels, drawbar, Firestone

Winning bid: $600
66a John Deere 140 LGT Patio -

Sn. 30249M, Nice original garden tractor, blue hood, type T0582

Winning bid: $800
77 Twin City KTA -

Sn. 305862, Original, drawbar, cast rear centers, RV 4 magneto, stuck

Winning bid: $800
1 John Deere 3 HP Gas Engine -

Sn. 262140, Repainted, JD magneto, on skids, loose, igniter

Winning bid: $900
75 John Deere 520 -

Sn. 5203057, Older repaint, parts tractor, missing front end

Winning bid: $900
63 John Deere HN -

Sn. 1846, Older repaint, styled, hand start, Schebler carburetor, drawbar, hydraulic cylinder, WICO magneto, loose

Winning bid: $1,000
81 Caterpillar Model Twenty Two -

Sn. 2F2893, gas engine, narrow gauge, loose with spark plug cover, Eiseman CT4 and coupler

Winning bid: $1,100
68 John Deere 40C -

Sn. , Original, missing tag, hydraulic cylinder, drawbar, shows 1141 hours, industrial grill guard

Winning bid: $1,400
30 John Deere 630 LP -

Sn. 6315908, Original, wide front, power steering, 3 point lift, PTO, tag stamped LP, cast center wheels, missing tin under LP tank, tachometer broken, front tires have 95% tread

Winning bid: $1,500
64 John Deere G -

Older repaint, missing tag, single front, three point, hydraulic hanger, drawbar, pto

Winning bid: $1,500
70 John Deere 430C -

Sn. 157731, Original paint, extensive front grill damage, hydraulic tank with cylinder, lights, PTO, shows 5780 hours

Winning bid: $1,500
36 John Deere G -

Sn. 63556, Original, electric start, single front, partial front implement lift and rear toolbar, cast center rear wheels with rear wheel weights

Winning bid: $2,000
57 John Deere BR -

Sn. 334687, Old repaint, Schebler DLTX, WICO magneto, electric start, flat lens headlights, cast center rear wheels, drawbar, PTO, pressed steel front wheels,

Winning bid: $2,000
60 McCormick Deering OS-4 -

Sn. OBHS14339, Older repaint, gas, belt pulley, PTO, drawbar, cast front wheels, Engine #ORHSM 14090, gas

Winning bid: $2,000
47 John Deere GM -

Sn. 18971, Original, narrow front, electric start, WICO magneto, lights, cast center wheels, PTO, drawbar, implement lift, styled

Winning bid: $2,250
65 John Deere 60 -

Sn. 603984, Partial repaint, heavy cast center rear wheels, drawbar, automotive front tires, straight tin

Winning bid: $2,250
66 John Deere MC -

Sn. 13214, Partial repaint, straight tin, front mount blade

Winning bid: $2,400
40 McCormick Deering OS-6 -

Sn. 16836, Restored, gas, cast center front wheels, IH magneto, drawbar, PTO, belt pulley, 95% tread on front tires

Winning bid: $2,500
82 Caterpillar 212 Grader -

Sn. 19, has replacement D24U engine, everything with the grader operates, the pony is loose but has not been run

Winning bid: $2,500
32 John Deere AO - Sn. 251754, Older repaint, teardrop drawbar, hand start, round spoke front wheels, cast center rear wheels, WICO magneto, Schebler DLTX 9, like new front tires, PTO cover
Winning bid: $2,600
56 John Deere AR -

Sn. 251967, Original, teardrop drawbar, hand start, round spoke front wheels, cast center rear wheels, WICO magneto, Schebler DLTX carburetor, automotive front tires, PTO

Winning bid: $2,600
80 Caterpillar Model D4 -

Sn. 7U1267, original wide gauge tracks, pony start diesel, non running

Winning bid: $2,600
78 Planing Mill Chase Turbine MFG. Co -

Sn. , Belt drive, 4ft H x 4ft L x 2ft W

Winning bid: $2,750
58 John Deere A -

Sn. 425005, Original, unstyled, single front, hand start, Schebler DLTX carburetor, like new rear tires, drawbar, implement, Pacific Axle and Trailer Equipment cast rear center wheels, WICO magneto, PTO,

Winning bid: $2,900
35 John Deere B -

Sn. 4275, Restored, needs new front tire, round spoke rear wheels, hand start, RV 2B magneto, Schebler DLTX 10 carburetor, PTO, drawbar(teardrop), implement lift, hand start

Winning bid: $3,000
53 John Deere 4-Bolt B -

Sn. 2490?, Older repaint, round spoke front wheels, hand start, 1935, WICO, PTO, drawbar, Schebler carburetor DLTX 10, rear tires have 90% tread

Winning bid: $3,000
55 John Deere Unstyled L -

Sn. 621168, 1938, Edison Splitdorf magneto, rear turf tires, drawbar, hand start

Winning bid: $3,000
61 John Deere 620 Orchard -

Sn. 6212530, Original condition, fenders, automotive front tires, fenders, lights,

Winning bid: $3,000
59 John Deere D - Sn. 155111, Styled, repainted, WICO magneto, round spoke front wheels, Schebler DLTX carburetor, like new front tires, hand start, cast rear hubs, drawbar, straight pipe exhaust
Winning bid: $3,250
37 John Deere AWH -

Sn. 565403, Older repaint, round spoke rear wheels, automotive front tires, styled, PTO, drawbar, adjustable rear tires, electric start, WICO, Schebler DLTX 53 carburetor, lights, implement lift

Winning bid: $3,500
52 John Deere D -

1938, restored, round spoke front and rear wheels, unstyled, grill screen, Schebler DLTX carburetor, 95% tread on tires, Edison Splitdorf magneto, drawbar

Winning bid: $3,750
34 1934 John Deere Open Fan Shaft A -

Sn. 142625, Older repaint, round spoke front and F&H rear wheels, RV 2A magneto, teardrop drawbar, PTO, hand start, narrow front, Schebler carburetor, rear tires have 90% tread, unstyled, grill screen, implement lift,

Winning bid: $3,800
20 John Deere D -

Sn. 115637, Original, round spoke front and rear wheels, like new tires on front and rear, American Bosch magneto, drawbar, forward facing air intake, Schebler DLT carburetor, correct orchard exhaust, original sheet metal, stuck

Winning bid: $4,000
49 John Deere G W/A-3 Plow -

Sn. 7959, partial repaint, mounted John Deere two way plow, Schebler carburetor, cast center rear wheels with weights on onside and inside, umbrella bracket

Winning bid: $4,000
38 John Deere ANH - Sn. 4916857, Restored, round spoke front and rear wheels, Schebler DLTX carburetor, WICO magneto, flat lens headlights, PTO, drawbar, implement lift, like new front tire
Winning bid: $4,100
62 John Deere 730 Row Crop -

Sn. 7303877, Older repaint, electric start diesel, wide front, rear wheel weights, 3 point, PTO, single hydraulic remote, power steering

Winning bid: $4,500
72 John Deere 620 Orchard -

Older repaint, LP, project tractor, power steering, missing sheet metal, no serial number tag

Winning bid: $4,500
79 Shingle Mill -

Repainted, Street Brothers Machine Works, Chattanooga, TN

Winning bid: $4,900
28 John Deere 820 -

Sn. , Nice original, power steering, pony engine start, cast center hubs, drawbar, single hydraulic remote, diesel, nice straight sheet metal

Winning bid: $5,250
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