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Previous|12345|Next Results: Viewing items 151-200 of 231. Items per page:
144 International 600 Standard - Diesel, repainted, 2 sets of rear wheel weights, fenders, lights, hydraulics, PTO, drawbar, like new American Famers 7.5-18SL and Maxitrac 16.9-34 tires, missing tag, newer electronic ignition in distributer
Winning bid: $3,700
145 Oliver Super 77 Row Crop - Sn. 28 567-702, gas, original, 3 point, fenders, lights, PTO, narrow front, bullet tail light, Goodyear 12-38 tires
Winning bid: $3,000
146 John Deere M with Sickle Mower -

Sn. 43857, Nice original with original sickle mower, rear wheel weights, belt pulley, new cushions

Winning bid: $3,250
147 Farmall C with Cultivators - Sn. 126121, repainted, full set of cultivators, one set of rear wheel weights, Goodyear 11.2-36 and Harvest King 5.00-15
Winning bid: $1,750
148 Oliver 66 Row Crop - Sn. 427910 C660, older repaint, belt pulley, one set of rear wheel weights, fenders, Summit 11.2-38 and Duralong 5.00-15
Winning bid: $1,900
149 International 184 Utility - Sn. 2000115U044616, gas, repainted, lights, 3 point with drawbar, turf tires, Goodyear 13.6-16.1 and Nanco 20.5-8-10
Winning bid: $4,000
149a Case Model VAC -

Sn. 5572753, restored, narrow front, lights, fenders, like new rear tires, 3 point hitch, PTO, drawbar,

Winning bid: $2,200
149b Cub Lo-Boy -

Nice original, turf tires, gas engine, v-belt pulley, drawbar

Winning bid: $1,000
149c Cub Lo-Boy -

Nice original, has deck and front mount blade, turf tires, gas engine, drawbar,

Winning bid: $650
150 John Deere 110 - Sn. 185250M, restored, Kohler engine, K181S, #2105290, 23x8.50-12 turf and 16x6.5-8" tires.
Winning bid: $750
150a Ford Model 8n -

Older restoration, runs well

Winning bid: $750
151 John Deere 80 Yard Cart - Sn. 7423, original paint, like new 16x16.5-8" tires
Winning bid: $400
151a Minneapolis Moline UB - Sn. 9700702, restored, narrow front, front weight bracket, fenders, like new front tires, good rear tires, drawbar, PTO, single hydraulic remote
Winning bid: $4,000
152 Co-op Blackhawk -

Repainted, diesel, wide front, fenders, lights, single remote, PTO, drawbar, Model 40 - D - 4

Winning bid: $3,100
153 1935 McCormick Deering W30 -

Sn. WB4770, nice original, on full steel with lugs and extensions nice running tractor

Winning bid: $1,500
154 Oliver 88 Standard -

Sn. 820836 Older repaint, new radiator, new water pump, rebuilt generator, 12 volt with electronic ignition, rebuilt starter, rebuilt cylinder head, new gauges, new wiring, rebuilt carb, new extensions, all Firestone tires. Tractor runs excellent and is in top mechanical shape.

155 Oliver 1750 Row Crop -

Sn. 211587, older repaint, Great Bend 440, power shift wheels, gas, tach shows 5604 hours, PTO, drawbar, 3 point

Winning bid: $6,000
157 Minneapolis Moline UB Pulling Tractor - Cut tires, setup and ready to hit the dirt track!
Winning bid: $3,700
158 Allis Chalmers WD-45 Diesel -

Original paint, true survivor, diesel, row crop, true survivor!

Winning bid: $4,200
159 Allis Chalmers CA -

Older restoration, power shift wheels, implement lift, drawbar, lights

159a Allis Chalmers Model WC -

Sn. 167743, restored, fenders, good tires, PTO, rear light, drawbar, electric start

Winning bid: $1,900
160 Oliver 77 Row Crop - Sn. 340187-C77D, older repaint, gas, fenders, belt pulley, single hydraulic rear steps, lights, hydraulic cylinder and hanger, brass throttle, 13.6-38 and Harvest King 6.00-16 tires
Winning bid: $1,800
160a Oliver 66 Row Crop -

Sn. 427074C66, original, fenders, lights, drawbar, PTO, single remote, toolbox, rear axle step

Winning bid: $1,200
161 Farmall B - Sn. 177779, original paint. Gas, Woods #59 belly mower, fenders, lights, PTO, rear wheel weights,Firestone 9.5x24" and like new Firestone 4.00-15" tires
Winning bid: $1,000
162 Massey Harris 33 -

Older repaint, tag missing, fenders, lights, needs a front tire, single remote, drawbar, PTO, belt pulley in poor shape

Winning bid: $400
163 1949 Ford 8N - Sn. 8N175690, loader, hydraulic bucket. Like new tires on front and rear. Serviced, fluids changed and tuned up.
Winning bid: $1,400
164 1941 John Deere B - Sn. 136077, older repaint, complete engine rebuild, hand start, Schebler carburetor, PTO, drawbar, like new tires, includes correct seat bracket, rebuilt WICO magneto
Winning bid: $1,100
165 1936 Oliver 70 Standard -

First year of production, 6 speed, runs and drives well. Tires fair, fenders complete but dented. Complete except for grill screen and battery box.

Winning bid: $1,600
166 1940 J.I.Case LA -

Sn. 4400001, original, runs well, electric start, hand clutch, drawbar

Winning bid: $1,800
167 Allis Chalmers G - Sn. G7602, repainted, cultivators, fenders, lights, runs well, like new Goodyear 7.2-30 and like new Firestone 4.00-12
Winning bid: $2,250
168 Massey Harris Twin Power 101 - Sn. 397203, gas, fenders, PTO, HYD pump, like new 11.2x36" and 5.00-15" fronts
Winning bid: $1,400
169 1935 Farmall F 12 -

Sn. 20206. Full Steel, single front and skeleton rear. Power lift. Runs good, no cracks but needs paint.

Winning bid: $750
170 Ford 8n - Sn. 486507?, repainted, fenders, brush guard, PTO, 3 point, drawbar, toolbox, Titan 11.2-28 and Firestone 4.00-19
Winning bid: $1,400
171 Massey Harris 44 - Sn. 6270, repainted, gas, wide front, one set of inside rear wheel weights, home made 3 point, fenders, Firestone 16.9-30 and Goodyear 6.50-16
Winning bid: $700
172 Farmall Cub with Belly Mower - Sn. 164922, repainted, turf tires, Firestone 9.5-24 and Nanco 20.5-8-10
Winning bid: $1,050
173 Allis Chalmers CA - Sn. 22878, original, power shift wheels, fenders, lights, drawbar, hydraulic lift, mismatched rear tires and 5.00-15
Winning bid: $600
174 Massey Harris 44 - Tag missing, older repaint, fenders, lights, PTO, single hydraulic, Firestone 12.4-38 tires and Harvest King 6.00-16 tires
Winning bid: $600
175 Allis Chalmers D17 Series 4 - Sn. 86120, original, diesel, snap coupler, 3 point lift, single hydraulic, power adjust wheels, wide front 16.9-28 and 6.00-16 tires, needs ignition switch
Winning bid: $900
176 Massey Harris -

Sn. GR14474, old repaint, fenders, lights, PTO, gas, narrow front, rear hydraulic lift, one set of inside rear wheel weights, Powermark 12.4-38 and 5.00-15

Winning bid: $650
177 Massey Harris 30 Row Crop - Narrow front, gas, unrestored. Rear weights, fenders, lights, belt pulley & pto Good running tractor
178 Massey Harris 33 Row Crop - Narrow front, unrestored. Fenders, lights, belt pulley, pto
179 Oliver Hart Parr 70 -

Sn. 202532, older restoration, on full steel, drawbar, fenders

Winning bid: $2,200
179A Farmall C W/plow -

original, narrow front

Winning bid: $1,300
180 John Deere 3hp E Engine -

Older restoration, igniter, on skids

Winning bid: $1,300
182 Allis Chalmers 190 XT -

Non-running, diesel, original, rear wheel weights

Winning bid: $3,200
196 John Deere 120 LGT -

Restored, nice runner

Winning bid: $800
197 John Deere 314 Lawn Mower -

Nice running tractor, original, good paint

Winning bid: $700
198 John Deere 140 -

Kohler K301 engine, C048034, triple HYD, turf tires.

Winning bid: $700
199 Minneapolis Moline 108 Lawn and Garden - Nice original, front blade, mower deck, rear wheel weights, Kohler engine,
Winning bid: $700
200 John Deere Garden Tractor - Sn. 288811M, Custom build, Kohler 6.5hp engine, like new 23x8.50-12" turf and 16x6.50-8" 5 rib tires
Winning bid: $300
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