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0 Auction Start Time -

Welcome Bidders!  Today’s auction will be starting at 10:00am CST sharp so make sure you get logged in early!  Good luck and thank you for bidding with us!  

1 John Deere New and Used Sign -

Measures 57.5" x 33", double sided, painted tin, four leg deer logo


Winning bid: $600
2 John Deere New and Used Sign -

Meausures 57.5" x 33", double sided, painted tin

Winning bid: $350
3 Nokomis IH Implement Co. Sign -

Painted tin, single sided, wood frame on the back.  Very dark - we did not try to clean.  Some flaking.  Were concerned about removing paint.  Notch cut out on bottom.  

Winning bid: $300
3a Oliver Open Grill 88 Pedal Tractor -


Winning bid: $1,750
4 Oliver 88 Row Crop Pedal -


Winning bid: $700
4a Oliver Super 88 Row Crop Pedal -

Eska, Repainted, closed grill

Winning bid: $650
5 Oliver Super 88 Row Crop Pedal -

Eska, Repainted, closed grill


Winning bid: $800
6 Hotchkiss Scale Gravity Wagon -

Restored, great display behind any pedal!

Winning bid: $400
7 Ford Ferguson System Lighted Sign -

Nice! Authorized Dealer for Wheel-less Implements, Glass front, good color, glass is cracked in bottom corner

Winning bid: $900
8 Oliver Sales and Service Neon Clock -

Clock functions but neon needs to be replaced, Neon Products Inc. Lima, Ohio, good glass front

Winning bid: $2,000
9 Oliver Clamshell Fender Display -

One of 2 offered.  Wood frame, repainted

Winning bid: $200
10 Oliver Clamshell Fender Display -

On wood stand, repainted.  One of a pair offered for auction.

Winning bid: $200
11 New Holland No. 6 Mill -

Repainted, setup to run with V-belt, wood stand

Winning bid: $200
12 John Deere Corn Sheller -

Repainted, hand crank, wood body

Winning bid: $275
13 Mann's Green Bone Crusher Pat 1885 -

Great old bone crusher.  Mann's Green Bone Crusher  - see pat. listed on wheel:  US Pat. 1885 - 1903 and CAN Pat 1890 - 1902.  

Winning bid: $200
14 Round Sign: "Value Checked" -

Good old round sign.  "Value Checked". "The Seal Of Good Value For Your Protection" Some rust.  

Winning bid: $150
15 John Deere Scale Model Baler -

This model was hand built to show how a baler functions.  It runs off an electric motor and is belt driven.  Great display for the shows!

Winning bid: $3,400
16 Oliver 1755 Tractor Table and 4 Chairs -

Beautiful table using the full hood sheet metal from a 1755 tractor,  the grill has been recreated using wood to cut down on weight. It has a beautifull glass top and comes with four space age swivel stools in Oliver clover green to match.

Winning bid: $2,000
17 Ford Ferguson Bar Table, 2 Chairs, Coffee Table -

Beautiful table created using a tractor hood and nose, beveled glass top, also comes with two chairs and smaller glass top side table/coffee table. This table is lighted to light up bottom display area. Comes with Fergusen Replica Tractor and Framed receipt from the Original dealership in Taylorville IL.

Winning bid: $300
18 Minneapolis Moline Sign - 5x6 Billboard Sign. Rare Collector Item
Winning bid: $8,250
19 1929 McCormick Deering M - Excellent runner, new hot magneto
Winning bid: $800
20 1919 Empire Cream Separator - Sn. 40179 Runs well, on cart
Winning bid: $450
21 International Cub Cadet - Kohler engine #K161S-558975, restored, fenders, dual rear 6x12" tires (yellow)
Winning bid: $1,200
22 International Cub Cadet - Replacement engine, restored, fenders, 6x12" and 3.50-8" tires (red)
Winning bid: $300
23 Ford 32 Coupe Lawn & Garden Tractor - Homemade Runs and drives great. Hydro Stat for parades has a 20.5 hp motor
Winning bid: $700
24 Cushman Truckster -

Great buggy for the shows! gas engine, wood bed

Winning bid: $1,200
25 Gravely L Tractor - Sn. 62414, repainted, narrow front, 1 cylinder gas engine, hydrostatic, fenders
Winning bid: $550
26 Massey Harris Pony Vineyard - Fresh from the UK! partial original, gas, front wheel weights, belt pulley, PTO cover, hydrauilc valve, fenders, lights, Firestone 4-15 and Goodyear 9.5-24 tires
Winning bid: $3,600
27 Best 30 Crawler - Sn. 2093, older restoration, Ensign carburetor, American Bosch magneto, drawbar, motor No. 3566, originla radiator, good tracks
Winning bid: $11,000
28 John Deere 6030 Wheatland - Sn. S313R 034150R, nice original, rare factory non-turbo tractors, drawbar, PTO, dual hydraulics, shows 7141 hours, inside and outside rear wheel weights with dual hooks, Safemark 11.00-16SL and Firestone 24.5 R 32 tires
Winning bid: $27,500
29 Oliver 2255 MFWD - Sn. 239412-713, repainted, nice runner, good tires, has cab, Caterpillar 3150 diesel engine, model 522-82060, shows 5690 hours, PTO, dual hydraulics, 3 point, like new Firestone 18.4-38 and Firestone 14.9-26 tires
Winning bid: $13,500
30 White 2255 -

Nice original, Caterpillar diesel engine, tach shows 3947 hours, dual remote, PTO, drawbar, cab, starts right up, good running condition

Winning bid: $5,750
31 John Deere 6030 -

Sn. B313R 035301R, repainted, cab, duals(removed for transport, quick hitch, 3 point, PTO, triple remote, PTO, drawbar, tach shows 4959 hours


Winning bid: $14,000
32 John Deere 4020 FWA - Sn. T213R 218575R, front wheel assist, partial repaint, syncro, 3 point, PTO, dual hydraulics, like new Firestone 16.9-38 and like new Firestone 12.4-24 tires, tach shows 2224 hours,
Winning bid: $17,000
33 Minneapolis Moline G1000 MFWD -

Sn. , Excellent condition, straight as a pin, ready to work or play! cab, diesel, rear wheel weights, dual PTO, drawbar, dual remote, tach. shows 4016 hours

Winning bid: $17,250
34 Minneapolis Moline G750 - Super Nice, Nice Restoration, Runs good, Hitch parts are newer.
Winning bid: $19,500
35 John Deere 4320 Wheatland HFWA - Sn. T613R 012896R Nice original, double stack starter pad, dual hydraulic PTO, differential lock, top link, quick hitch, ROPS with canopy, new cushions, tach shows 1547 hours, long axles, Like new Firestone 20.8-38 and like new Firestone 12.4-24 tires
Winning bid: $21,000
36 Oliver Super 99 - Sn. 520917-C, restored, standard wide front, gas, fenders, lights, PTO, like new 18.4x34" and Goodyear 7.50-18" tires
Winning bid: $9,500
37 John Deere 4620 - Sn. T813R 014681R, syncro, original, diesel, cab with air, 3 point, drawbar, front weights, PTO, dual hydraulics, hydraulic hangers, Firestone 11.00-16 and Co-op 18.4-34 tires, shows 924 hours(not believed to be original),
Winning bid: $8,250
38 John Deere 620 Orchard - Sn. 6222174, This was THE tractor that the Ertl toy company used as a model to produce their 620 Orchard toy!  All fuel, full orchard tin, correct orchard lights, PTO, 16.9x26" and 7.50-16" tires.
Winning bid: $7,500
39 Minneapolis Moline G850 - Sn. 227 933-676, nice original, diesel, fenders with lights, front starter weight with slab weights, radio, full 3 point with sway blocks, PTO, drawbar, dual hydraulic remotes, tach shows 4355 hours, Goodyear 18.4-38 and Co-op 11-15SL tires
Winning bid: $10,500
40 Minneapolis Moline UTC High Clearance - Sn. 154800186, restored, gas, PTO, drawbar, clamshell fenders, two sets of rear wheel weights, flat lens headlights, Firestone 7.5-18 and Firestone 13.6-38 tires with 95% tread remaining
Winning bid: $8,000
41 John Deere 830 - Sn. 8301025, restored, electric start diesel, PTO, drawbar, dual hydraulic remote, power steering, cast center wheels, Super Hi Rib 7.50-18 and Goodyear 18.4-34 tires
Winning bid: $13,000
42 Ransoms MG2 Crawler - Very neat crawler imported from the UK, 1 cylinder air cooled engine, cultivator bracket, electric start
Winning bid: $2,500
43 Oliver 1550 - Sn. 184-651-506, gas, utility, hydra-power drive, fenders, lights, wide front, 3pt. w/toplink, starter pad front weight, 28" rear spin-out wheels, dual HYD, PTO, power steering, showing 3766 hours, 16.9x28" and 6.50-16" tires.
Winning bid: $5,600
44 John Deere 730 Standard - Sn. 731186, restored, pony start diesel, power steering, PTO, hydraulic outlet, drawbar, lights, wheatland fenders, Kelly Springfield 18.4-30 tires with 95% tread
Winning bid: $7,300
45 Minneapolis Moline G1350 -

Diesel, cab, average use, fires right up! rear wheel weights, dual PTO, dual hydraulics, drawbar, tach shows 6966 hours

Winning bid: $8,750
46 International Harvester 1486 -

Sn. 2650138U11386, Nice original paint, duals(removed for transport) dual PTO, dual remote,  3 point hitch, shows 5700 hours, 4CH-7 Cab, front weight bracket, BKT 18.4-38 rear tires

Winning bid: $9,000
47 Cockshutt 1650 - Sn. 167974-452, diesel, mounted 74-H Cockshutt 2 row corn picker, like new 15.5x38" Firestones, single front wheel, showing 4491 hours.
Winning bid: $5,250
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